The apprehension of hair relaxer

Hair relaxer is a cream or lotion that makes tight curls or very curly hair to straighten by chemically relaxing state. It is easier to make a curl into straight using this relaxer. The relaxers usually reduce the curl by breaking down the disulfide bonds in hair strand and they chemically alter the texture of the hair. This relaxer can leave your hair straight up to 6-8 weeks only until you are done with permanent straightening.

Types of hair relaxers

There are so many types of hair relaxers available in the market. Among them, hydroxide and thio are the most common type of hair relaxers. This hydroxide when applied on hair they break the disulfide bonds present hair by the way the hair gets straight.

hair relaxer

In hydroxide there are different types of relaxers are found e.g.; sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and guanidine hydroxide.

Lye-relaxer is a relaxer they known to work quickly on the hair but at the same time, they easily get strip from the hair after a rinse. The main ingredient of this relaxer is sodium hydroxide and they are said to be ‘’alkali’’ relaxer.

No-lye relaxer the main ingredient of this relaxer is calcium hydroxide; this can make the hair drier. To prevent calcium build-up you can use de-calcifying shampoo. No-lye relaxers are ideal for one with a very sensitive scalp.

Best hair relaxes

Using relaxer is not a big thing before using it you should know about, what is hair relaxer? And should know about the quality and brand of that particular relaxer belongs.

These relaxers are available from the mild to strength and from that, you have to select the hair relaxer suits your hair. Other than this you should aware that relaxers for black hair white hair are completely different.

Before applying relaxer you should consider the coarseness and curly nature of hair. Choosing the best hair relaxer is a tough but wrong selection of relaxer may damage hair and scalp. Ammonium thioglycolate is not recommended for use on very coarse or coily hair but it is fine on using wavy hair.

It is never a good idea to color and straightened the hair at the same time because the coloring agents contain chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide, this leads to severe breakage of hair. Women taking medication can also affect the health of the hair and they may suppress their growth too. Hair relaxer is more beneficial when being done by professionals.

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