Balayage – The art of hair

Balayage hair is a hair coloring technique. This technique lightens hair, create soft and natural graduation of lightness towards the ends of the hair. This is done by the professional hairdresser and independently at home. Today it is very popular among youngsters both male and females. Colouring hair became more fashionable and desirable for this generation peoples.

Tips to care balayage hair

Coloring a hair is not a difficult matter but to care for balayage hair is little difficult one. Here are some tips to care your balayage hair:

  • care balayage hairTip: 1 Change your hair color slowly, by this you can see some portion of your hair is get lightened. Lightening hair little at a little is good and healthier for your hair.
  • Tip: 2 make sure that your hairstylist has enough knowledge on this hair coloring concept.
  • Balayage hair looks pretty technically by it all depends on your specialist. A trained specialist can only give a natural gradiation of color to the hair.
  • Tip: 3 Ask specialists for cooled tones, that is after coloring a hair they will be asked to tone it cooler or warmer. You need a cooler tone because it feels more natural than warmer. The warmer tone tends to get brassy quickly. But this cooler tones your travel to the salon less frequent.
  • Tip: 4 don’t over-wash hair, because frequent washes may dim the color of the hair. So wash them really when it is necessary.
  • Tip: 5 Use prescribed conditioners and shampoo to maintain your balayage hair.

Maintenance of balayage hair

Balayage is a coloring process and your hair color will go through different stages of warmth, that so you need to eliminate brassy tones by maintaining your hair with best quality hair care products. It is a little difficult to maintain balayage hair for this there are so many high-quality shampoo s and conditioners.

shampoo for balayage hair

The balayage maintenance requires sulfate-free shampoos because this sulfate strip away the color pigments, not only pigments they also damage the natural oils in our hair. Best shampoo for balayage hair is like silver shampoo, brass off the shampoo, coconut milk shampoo and still some more shampoos are now available in stores.

Balayage is a good way to show your hair more attractive but still you need to look after the health of the hair and prevent the breakage of hair from the lightening process. You can strengthen your hair by hair mask treatment that will provide the nourishment of natural oils and vitamins.

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